It is with great pleasure I am able to announce the all new CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC OF BASEBALL. The CRB returns, re-imagined, to bring you more feature content, video, and resources to help you enjoy the sport that we all love…. BASEBALL.

Five California cities host Major League Baseball clubs. There are 24 NCAA Division 1 programs in the state. Each of the clubs in MLB hosts an affiliate program at the A and AA level. Thousands play independent league and American Legion ball, and for every Division 1 program there are thousands of players from lower programs trying to get there.

Our journey begins as we start to explore the great big world of baseball that surrounds us here in the golden west in a segment called “Exploring the Pyramid.” We are examining all of the tiers of competition and recreation, from the neighborhood Little League to the college programs to the pros. We’ve got more insights and opinions from contributing editor Tommy D and continue our Fantasy and Futures tracking. Our team has expanded the resources and links sections and have suggested a few fun reads as well.

Join us as we discover and celebrate our community that is the California Republic of Baseball.

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